Bouncyland Muncie Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an age limit for kids to play at Bouncyland?

A: Children 12-years old and younger are permitted to play on our inflatables. We have a Soft Play Area for toddlers 3-years old and younger. For the safety of all the children, we do not allow anyone over 12-years of age to bounce or play at Bouncyland. We do have an arcade in which all ages are welcome to play.

Q: Do you have a Toddler area at Bouncyland?

A: We have a separate toddler soft play area exclusively for toddlers. Since safety is our priority we ensure a controlled and safe environment for the little ones supervised by a staff member. Parents are still required to watch their children but we do have staff on hand to regulate the area.

Q: How long can my kids play at Bouncyland?

A: All guests are welcome to stay at Bouncyland as long as they want so they can enjoy the facility during normal hours of operation.

Q: Can we walk-in and play at any time?

A: Yes! Bouncyland is always open for walk-in guests so bring the kiddos to play at any time during our normal hours of operation.

Q: Can Adults jump in the inflatables?

A: For the safety of all the kiddos, we do not allow teenagers or adults to play on any of the jumps, slides, and obstacle courses. However, adults are always welcome to assist kids in need of assistance in all our play areas, but may not jump or play.

Q: Does Bouncyland have safety measures in place to ensure the safety of guests?

A: Safety is always our priority.

In order for Bouncyland to provide a fun-filled and safe environment for your kids, we have created a comprehensive safety plan that includes a monitored exit safety procedure.

  • Upon entry, all kids and guests will be provided with a unique identification number which is required to be matched to a corresponding adult upon exiting Bouncyland.
  • We have a controlled exit door monitored by our staff.
  • Video monitoring of the facility.
  • Properly trained staff throughout the facility.
  • Certified inflatables.
  • A sectioned off toddler soft play area.

Q: Is your play area supervised?

A: While parent supervision is always required, there are properly trained staff throughout the facility monitoring the inflatables to ensure everyone is playing in a safe manner and within the age-appropriate area. Any roughhousing or bullying will be addressed immediately.

Q: Is outside food allowed at bouncyland?

A: No, we do not allow any outside food other than birthday cakes/cupcakes brought for a reserved party. We do have a variety of yummy food that can be purchased for you and your children.

Q: Are there group or discount rates?

A: Yes, Bouncyland offers group rates for field trips, daycares, religious organizations, moms clubs/group play dates, camps, school groups, and other large events or parties. Please inquire for more information.

Q: Are socks needed to play?

A: Yes, all kids and adults are required to wear socks in our play areas. If you or your kids do not have socks, we have them available for purchase at the front desk.

Q: Why are socks required for everyone?

A: We are committed to maintaining a clean and sanitary facility. Socks are therefore required in the play areas for the health and cleanliness of all of our guests (no bare feet). If you or your children do not have socks, we have them available for purchase at the front desk.

Q: Are the inflatables and soft play areas cleaned on a routine basis?

A: Yes! Bouncyland is committed to sanitizing all of our inflatable surfaces and toddler soft play area by utilizing environmentally safe and OSHA approved cleaning solutions. The solution used is professionally applied and is intended to reduce exposure to germs and cross-contamination for all who visit and play, making our environment cleaner than public playgrounds, daycare centers, and even schools.